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West Virginia Public Records and Information.

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West Virginia Public Records
Birth & Death Certificates
Servicing walk in customers and mail in requests. Search fee $10. Vital Registration Room 165 350 Capitol Street Charleston, WV 25301-3701 Phone: 304-558-2931

Birth Records
Death Records
Marriage Records & Divorce Records
Search for birth, death and marriage records can be done online with photo images of the record entry.

Unclaimed Property

West Virginia Criminal Records & Missing Persons
Criminal Cases
Supreme Court Criminal Cases.

Most Wanted
West Virginia State Police most wanted fugitives.

Absconders List
Division of Corrections Absconder List. Contact West Virginia Division of Corrections Absconder Recovery Team at (304) 256-6950 or (304) 425-7487 or abscond@mail.wvnet.edu.

Missing & Exploited Children
West Virginia Missing Children Clearinghouse at 1-800-352-0927

Missing Persons
Missing persons. Phone 304-528-5555.

Sex Offender Registry
Matters concerning persons on the registry please contact by email registry@wvsp.state.wv.us or by phone at (304) 746-2133.

Victim Services
State Capitol Complex, Building 4, Room 300 112 California Ave Charleston, WV 25305 Phone (304) 558-2036 ext 29 Email: sjaynes@mail.wvnet.edu

West Virginia Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Business Organizations
Steps to starting a corporation in West Virginia

Licensees Search
Search for various business licensees

State Tax Department
Taxpayer Services Division P.O. Box 3784 Charleston, West Virginia 25337-3784 (304)558-3333

Auditor's Office
State Capitol Building 1, Room W-100 Charleston, WV 25305 Toll Free 877.982.9148 Phone 304.558.2251 Fax 304.558.5200

West Virginia Transportation Records
Department of Transportation (WVDOT)
For general information or questions please email info@dot.state.wv.us For Current Road Conditions, Call 1-877-WVA-ROAD

Drivers Licensing
Division of Motor Vehicles Building 3 Room 113 1800 Kanawha Boulevard, East Charleston, WV 25317 Toll Free: 1-800-642-9066 (in-state) Phone: (304) 558-3900

Watercraft Owner's Guide
Watercraft registration, titling, and sales tax requirements. 804-367-6135 or Toll Free at 1-877-898-BOAT

West Virginia County Public Records
Berkeley County Clerk
100 West King Street Room 1 Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401

Wood County Clerks Office
#1 Court Square P.O. Box 1474 Parkersburg, WV 26102

West Virginia Law Enforcement
State Police
West Virginia State Police Headquarters 725 Jefferson Road South Charleston, WV 25309 304-746-2100

Mineral County Sheriff
Mineral County Sheriff's Office 150 Armstrong Street Keyser, WV 26726-3500 Phone: 304-788-0341 Fax: 304-788-4771

Charleston Police Department
501 Virginia St. East, Charleston, WV 25301 (304) 348-6460

Huntington Police Department

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
P.O Box 9 Charles Town, WV 25414 304-728-3220

West Virginia Public Services
Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety
1900 Kanawha Blvd., E. Building 6, Room B122 Charleston , WV 25305 304-558-2930 304-558-6221

Division of Labor
State Capitol Complex Bldg 6, Rm B749 Charleston, WV 25305 Phone (304) 558-7890 Fax (304) 558-3797




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