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Texas Public Records and Information.

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Texas Public Records
Birth Certificate
Birth certificates are considered protected records for 75 years then released as public records. Tennessee Vital Records Central Services Building 1st Floor 421 5th Avenue North Nashville, Tennessee 37243 Phone (615) 741-1763 FAX (615) 741-9860

Death Records
Death Records become public records after 25 years. Certified copies cost $20 dollars and are available online, in person or by mail.

Marriage Records & Divorce Records
All marriage records and death records are obtained from the county or district clerk's office.

Unclaimed Property

Texas Criminal Records & Missing Persons
Texas Most Wanted
Ten most wanted fugitives

Sex Offender Search
All convicted sex offenders are required to register.

Criminal History
Includes arrests, prosecutions, and disposition of any class b misdemeanor or greater.

Missing Persons
Contact: Missing Persons Clearinghouse Texas Department of Public Safety P O Box 4087 Austin, Texas 78773-0422 Phone: (512) 424-5074

Abductors Bulletin
Online list of know abductors.

Unidentified Persons
Unidentified deceased persons.

Texas Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Corporation Search
Search for corporations in Texas.

Tax Forms
Misc business tax forms available online.

State Auditor's Office
Robert E. Johnson, Sr. Building 1501 N. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701
P.O. BOX 27967 Austin, TX 78711-2067
Main: 512/936-9500 Fax: 512/936-9400

Texas Transportation Records
Department of Transportation
State transportation, roads and highways.

Drivers License
Drivers license, commercial license, and hazardous materials endorsements.

Boat Registration
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX 78744 Toll Free: (800) 792-1112, Austin: (512) 389-4800

Driving Record
Texas Department of Public Safety Attn: D.R.B./Certified Abstract 5805 North Lamar Austin, Texas 78752

Texas County Public Records
Dallas County Clerk's Office
509 Main St. Dallas, Texas 75202 . Telephone 214-653-7099 . Fax 214-653-7176

Dallas County Probate Courts
Dallas County Records Building 500 Main Street Dallas, Texas 75202

Denton County Probate Court
1029 W. Rosemeade Parkway Carrollton, Texas 75007 Phone: (972) 434-7170

Travis County Probate Court
Travis County Courthouse P.O. Box 1748 1000 Guadalupe Room 217 Austin, Texas 78767

Texas Law Enforcement
Texas Highway Patrol Division
Texas Highway Patrol Division PO Box 4087 MSC 0500 Austin, TX 78773-0500

Denton County Sheriff
Law Enforcement Center 127 N. Woodrow Lane, Denton, Texas 76205-6397 Phone: (940) 349-1600/ Metro (972) 434-5500

Dallas County Sheriff's Department
Frank Crowley Courts Building 133 N Industrial Boulevard, LB 31 . 1ST Floor Dallas, Texas 75207-4313 214.653.3450

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
1001 Pearl Street Beaumont, TX 77701 Phone: (409) 835-8411

Texas Public Services
Department of Public Safety
Texas Department of Public Safety 5805 North Lamar Blvd. Austin, Texas 78752-4422 P O Box 4087 Austin, Texas 78773-0001 (512) 424-2000

Workforce Commission
Texas Workforce Commission 101 E. 15th St. Austin, TX 78778-0001




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