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Montana Public Records and Information.

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Montana Public Records
Birth Certificate & Death Records
Office of Vital Statistics Department of Public Health and Human Services 111 N Sanders Rm 209 PO BOX 4210 Helena MT 59604 Telephone: 1-888-877-1946 Fax: 1-866-696-1912

Marriage Records
Not available

Divorce Records
Not available

Unclaimed Property
To perform an Unclaimed Property search, contact Department of Revenue by calling (406) 444-6900 or emailing smckeon@mt.gov

Montana Criminal Records & Missing Persons
Inmate Search
Search Montana department of corrections for inmate by name.

Montana Sex Offender Information
Montana Sex offenders list.

Office of Criminal History Checks
Criminal History Information

Missing Adults
Phone: (406) 444-1526 E-mail: MNCMEC@mt.gov

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
call directly Hotline:1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

Montana Amber Alert

Victims Services
1712 9th Avenue P.O. Box 201410 Helena, MT 59620-1410 Phone: (406) 444-1907 Fax: (406) 444-4303 E-mail: dojovs@mt.gov

Montana Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Business License
Information on obtaining a business license and renewal of permits and licenses in Montana

Montana Department of Revenue
125 N. Roberts, 3rd Floor Helena, Montana. Phone:(406) 444-6900

Montana Transportation Records
Department of Transportation
2701 Prospect Avenue | PO Box 201001 Helena, MT 59620-1001. Phone: (406)444-6200

Driver Licensing
Information on how to obtain a driver license in Montana.

Vehicle Title and Registration
All vehicles must be titled and registered simultaneously. New residents to Montana have 60 days to title and register their vehicles.

Boat, personal watercraft, and motorized pontoon registration and fees
All watercraft must be permanently registered under Montana Code.

Montana County Public Records
Yellowstone County Clerk and Recorder
tnave@co.yellowstone.mt.gov. Phone: (406) 256-2785

Cascade County Clerk and Recorder
121 4th St N, Suite 1B-1,(Tribune Plaza Building). Phone: (406)454-6800

Missoula County Treasurer/Clerk and Recorder
200 W. Broadway Missoula, MT 59802. Phone: (406)523-4780

Montana Law Enforcement
Montana Highway Patrol
2550 Prospect Avenue P.O. Box 201419 Helena, MT 59620-1419 Phone: (406) 444-3780 Fax: (406) 444-4169 E-mail: MHPHQContact@mt.gov

Jefferson County Sheriff
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Box 588 Boulder, MT 59632 Phone: (406) 225-4075

Dawson County Sheriff
Dawson County Courthouse, 207 West Bell Glendive, Montana 59330

Ravalli County Sheriff
205 Bedford, Suite G Hamilton, MT 59840 sheriff@ravallicounty.mt.gov Reception: (406)375-4060 Fax: (406)375-4065 Non-emergency: (406)363-3033

Billings Police Department
210 N 27th St., Billings, MT 59103 (406) 237.6210

Montana Public Services
Public Health and Safety Division
111 N Sanders PO Box 4210 Helena, MT 59604. Phone: (406)444-5622




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