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Indiana Public Records and Information.

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Indiana Public Records
Birth Certificate & Death Records
Birth Certificates from October 1907 to current and Death Records from 1900 to current are available through the Indiana State Department of Health. Vital Records Department Indiana State Department of Health 6 West Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 233-2700

Marriage Records & Divorce Records
Marriage and Divorce Records are available through the county health department of where the marriage was licensed.

Unclaimed Property
Search for unclaimed savings,wages,checking accounts, and stock dividends.

Indiana Criminal Records & Missing Persons
Inmate Search
Search Indiana department of corrections for inmate by name or offender number.

Indiana Fugitives
Search Indiana Most Wanted.

Indiana Sex Offender Information
Indiana Sex offenders list.

Indiana Office of Criminal History Checks
Collection and tracking of criminal history.

Indiana Missing Children
call directly 765-231-TIPS (231-8477)

Indiana Missing Children Clearinghouse
call directly (800)831-8953

Indiana Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Indiana Business Requirements
Business owner's guide to state government

Indiana Business License
Licensing and permits for business

Indiana Taxes and Finance
Business tax application, property taxes, audits and other tax information.
Indiana Transportation Records
Department of Transportation
Indiana traffic cameras, accident reports, and transportation projects.

Driver's license Division
Getting a driver license, ID card or permit.

Indiana Bureau Of Motor Vehicles
100 N. Senate Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204.

License Plate Renewal
Renew your vehicle license plate. Phone: (317) 233-6000.

Watercraft registration
Information on registering a watercraft in Indiana. Phone: (317)233-6000

Indiana Driver Record Search
Search for a driver record by driver license number, first and last name, or Social Security Number.

Indiana County Public Records
Marion County Clerks Office
Suite W122 200 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone:(317)327-4740

Lake County Clerks Office
2293 N. Main Street Crown Point, IN 46307. Phone: (219)755-3465

Hamilton County Clerks Office
One Hamilton County Square, Suite 106 Noblesville, IN 46060. Phone: (317) 776-9629

Indiana Law Enforcement
Indiana State Police
Career opportunities, District Opportunity, and firearms licensing

Indiana Sheriff's Association
Contact by phone (317) 356-3633 (800) 622-4779 (works only within Indiana) or Email dgosser@indianasheriffs.org.
Indiana Public Services
Department of Public Safety
Information about home safety, product safety, workplace accidents, weather and road conditions and information on sports injuries.




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