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Idaho Public Records and Information.

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Idaho Public Records
Birth Certificate, Death Records, Marriage Records, and Divorce Records
Birth certificates & death records available from July 1911 to present. Marriage records & divorce records available from 1947 to present. Idaho Bureau of Health Policy and Vital Statistics P.O. Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0036

Unclaimed Property
Unclaimed property not claimed within 10 years will become the property of Idaho.

Idaho Criminal Records & Missing Persons
Inmate Search
Search Idaho department of corrections for inmate by name or offender number.

Idaho Fugitives
Search Idaho Most Wanted.

Central Sex Offender Registry
Idaho Sex offenders list.

Office of Criminal History Checks
Collection and tracking of Criminal history

Missing Adults
Phone: (888) 777-3922 Email: idmpc@isp.idaho.govov

Idaho Missing Person Clearinghouse
call directly Ph: 208.884.7154

Idaho Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Business License Inquiry
Database of business names in the state of Idaho. Active and inactive names as well as agents, officers, and incorporators.

State Tax Commission
Property tax, forms, and electronic filing information
Idaho Transportation Records
Idaho Transportation Department
Road information, maps, publications and other information.

Idaho DMV Online Services
Motor vehicle record requests, driver record requests, vehicle licensing offices and other service information

Vehicle Registration
Online Vehicle Registration Renewal
Idaho County Public Records
Ada County Clerk
Room 1196 200 W. Front Street Boise ID 83702. Phone:Recorder: 208-287-6840

Canyon County Clerk
Recorders Office 208-454-7556

Kootenai County Clerk
451 Government Way Coeur d'Alene, ID (208) 446-1650

Twins Fall County Clerk
425 Shoshone St. North 2nd Floor P.O. Box 126 Twin Falls, ID 83301 208-736-4004

Bonneville County Clerk
605 N Capital Ave Idaho Falls, ID, 83402 Phone: (208) 529-1350

Idaho Law Enforcement
State police
Idaho State Police

Idaho Sheriff's Association
P.O. Box 1623 Boise, ID 83701. Phone: (208) 345-9126 (208) 345-0379 fax

Idaho Department of Correction
Visiting and mail information, offender search and employment information.

Idaho Public Services
Department of Public Safety
Department of Agriculture, Department of building safety, Environmental Health and Safety Bureau




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