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Delaware Public Records and Information.

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Delaware Public Records
Birth Certificate, Death Records, Marriage Records, and Divorce Records
Inquiries can be made online, by mail (417 Federal Street Dover, DE 19901), or telephone by calling 1-877-888-0248

Unclaimed Property
Unclaimed property can be obtained by mailing Delaware State Escheator PO Box 8931 Wilmington, DE 19899 for residents or Delaware State Escheator PO Box 962049 Boston, MA 02196-2049 for non-residents.

Delaware Criminal Records & Missing Persons
Sex Offender Central Registry
State Bureau of Identification, Sex Offender Central Registry, P.O. Box 430, Dover, Delaware 19903. Phone:(302)739-5882

Crime Stoppers
Non-Profit Organization dedicated to collect criminal information in conjunction with all law enforcement agencies in Delaware. PO Box 430 Dover, DE 19903 Phone (800)TIP-3333 (Delaware Only) (302)739-5927 Fax: (302)739-1444

Delaware Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Receiver of Taxes & Treasurer
555 Bay Road Dover, Delaware 19901 Telephone: 302-744-2341

Business Licensing and Registration
Contact Selena Gardner at (302)577-8238 or selena.gardner@state.de.us

Delaware Transportation Records
Department of Transportation
State road projects, traffic incidents and traffic flow cameras. Administration Center 800 Bay Road P.O. Box 778 Dover, DE 19903 302-760-2080

Driving Records
Driver License Administration P.O. Box 698 Dover, DE 19903

Delaware County Public Records
Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Kent County Complex 555 Bay Road, Room 160 Dover, DE 19901 302-744-2315

Kent County Clerk of the Peace
555 Bay Road Dover, Delaware 19901 Telephone: 302-744-2346

New Castle County Clerk of the Peace
Government Center 87 Reads Way New Castle, DE 19720

Sussex County Recorder of Deeds
2 The Circle P.O. Box 827 Georgetown, DE 19947 Phone (302) 855-7785 Fax (302) 855-7787

Sussex County Clerk of the Peace
Office Building - 2nd Floor Room 249 2 The Circle, P.O. Box 29 Georgetown, DE 19947

Delaware Law Enforcement
Dover Police Department
400 South Queen Street Turner Building Dover, Delaware 19904 (302)736-7111

Kent County Sheriff Department
Kent County Courthouse 38 The Green Dover, Delaware 19901 Telephone: 302-736-2161

New Castle County Sheriff
The Sheriff Of New Castle County Louis L. Redding City/County Bldg. 800 North French Street 5th Floor Wilmington, DE 19801

Sussex County Sheriff
Sussex County Sheriff Office P.O. Box 69 Georgetown, DE 19947 Phone (302) 855-7830

Department of Corrections
Central Administration Bldg. 245 McKee Road Dover, DE 19904

Delaware Public Services
Department of Safety and Homeland Security
P.O. Box 818 Dover , DE 19903. Phone: (302)744-2680




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