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California Public Records and Information.

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Colorado Public Records
Birth Certificate & Death Records
Birth records are available from 1910 to present and death records available from 1900 to present. Secure online ordering, express shipping and all major credit cards are accepted to obtain birth and death records.

Marriage Records & Divorce Records
You can obtain information either online, by mail or in person at Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Vital Records Section 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South HSVRD-VR-A1 Denver, CO 80246-1530

Unclaimed Property
Search online for unclaimed properties or Call 303-866-6070 or 800-825-2111 Hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Ebay auctions available for unclaimed items past expiration date.

Colorado Criminal Records & Missing Persons
Inmate Search
Search the Colorado Department of Corrections for an inmate.

Sexual Offender Search
To report possible location of offender who has failed to register. Phone: 303-239-5732

Most Wanted
Colorado's 20 most wanted fugitives. If you have information call: (720) 748-5018

Missing Children
Contact Kristina Bomba Phone Number: 303-239-4251 or 303-239-4601 Email: Kristina.Bomba@cdps.state.co.us

Amber Alert
For more information call (303)239-4251 or email Kristina.Bomba@cdps.state.co.us

Colorado Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Business Record Identification
Search for valid business and corporate names.

Department of Revenue
Individual income tax and estate forms.

Colorado Transportation Records
Department of Transportation
Road weather conditions, report potholes and traffic hazards, and find out about construction projects.

Division of Motor Vehicles
Driver's license, accident reporting, license plates, vehicle registration, and vehicle fraud & identity theft.

Colorado County Public Records
Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Office
5334 S. Prince Street Littleton, CO 80166-0001 303-795-4200

Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office
1750 33rd St. Boulder, CO 80301

El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's Office
200 S. Cascade Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder's Office
Clerk & Recorder 100 Jefferson County Parkway Golden, CO 80419 303-271-8168

Colorado Law Enforcement
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office
13101 Broncos Parkway Centennial, CO 80112 303-795-4711

Boulder County Sheriff's Office
1777 6th Street, Boulder, CO. 80302 Phone: (303)441-3600

Denver County Sheriff's Department
1437 Bannock Street, Room 507 Denver, Colorado 80202

Denver Police Department
1331 Cherokee St., Denver 80204 720 913-6527

El Paso County Sheriff's Department
210 South Tejon Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903 Civil Office (719) 520-7144

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office 200 Jefferson County Parkway Golden, CO 80401 303-277-0211

Colorado Public Services
Department of Public Safety
Contact Executive Director's Office phone: 303-239-4400 Mailing address: 700 Kipling Street #1000 Denver CO 80215 USA email: Public.Safety@cdps.state.co.us




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