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Arizona Public Records and Information.

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Arizona Public Records
Arizona Birth Certificate
Arizona Death Records
To obtain Birth Certificate or Death Records you must contact Office of Vital Records Street Address: 1818 West Adams Phoenix, AZ 85007 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3887 Phoenix, AZ 85030 Telephone: (602) 364-1300 Toll-Free: (888) 816-5907

Arizona Marriage License
Marriage License is only available from an Arizona Superior Court Clerk.

Arizona Marriage Records & Divorce Records
Marriage & Divorce Records are available at the Arizona History and Archives Division. State Capitol, Suite 342 1700 West Washington Phoenix, AZ 85007 PHONE: (602) 542-4159 FAX: (602) 542-4402

Arizona Unclaimed Property
Property can be claimed at the Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Unit, PO Box 29026 Phoenix, AZ 85038-9026

Arizona Court Locator
List of judicial and probate courts in Arizona

Arizona Criminal Records
Criminal History Records
Criminal History Records P.O. Box 18450 Phoenix, AZ 85005 (602) 223-2222

Arizona Sex Offender InfoCenter
Location and risk assessment of sex offenders

Arizona's Most Wanted
10 most wanted fugitives for Arizona State

Mohave Most Wanted
Mohave area's most wanted

Pima County Most Wanted
Wanted suspects in the Pima County area

Arizona Business, Revenue and Legal Records
Corporations Division
Corporation search and tax filings

Arizona Transportation Records
Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)
Complete list of Arizona Department of Transportation Divisions

Arizona Motor Vehicle Division
Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division PO Box 2100 Phoenix AZ 85001-2100 Phoenix 602-255-0072 Tucson 520-629-9808 elsewhere in Arizona 800-251-5866

Arizona County Public Records
Maricopa County Recorder
111 S. Third Ave., Phoenix AZ 85003 Phone: 602-506-3535

Pinal County Recorder
P.O. Box 848 Florence, AZ 85232 Main: 520-866-6830 Fax: 520-866-6831

Pima County Recorder's Office
P.O. Box 3145, Tucson AZ 85702-3145 phone: (520) 740-4350

La Paz County Recorder
1112 Joshua Ave., Ste. 201 Parker, AZ 85344 (928) 669-6136 Email: recorder@co.la-paz.az.us

Arizona Law Enforcement
Highway Patrol Division
Ensures the safe and expeditious use of the highway system and assist local and county law enforcement agencies

Apache County Sheriff's Office
P. O. Box 518, St. Johns, Arizona 85936

Cochise County Sheriff's Office
205 N. Judd Dr Bisbee, AZ 85603. Phone: (520)432-9500

La Paz County Sheriff's Office
1109 Arizona street, parker Arizona 85344. Phone:(928) 669-6141

Markov County Sheriff's Office
100 W. Washington, Ste 1900 Phoenix, AZ 85003. (602)876-1000 (800)352-4553 (Outside Metro Area)

Mohave County Sheriff's Department
P.O. Box 7000 301 W. Beale Street Kingman, Arizona 86401. Phone: (520) 753-0753

Pima County Sheriff's Department
1750 E. Benson Highway Tucson, Arizona 85714-1758. (520) 351-4600

Pinal County Sheriff's Office
971 Jason Lopez Circle Florence, AZ 85232. Phone: (800)420-8689

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
255 E. Gurley Street Prescott, Arizona 86301 Phone: (928) 771-3260

State of Arizona Public Services
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Arizona Highway Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Agency Support, and Criminal Justice Support Divisions.




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