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Today everyone needs to be safe whether hiring a new babysitter, maids, housekeepers and other in-home workers. If you going to hire someone, or making a smart business decision, or simply want to know if someone has a criminal record then you have came to the right place.

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Today you need to be sure your kids, business, assets, and life are safe. This is why it is important to run a criminal background check on everyone in your life. Would you hire a babysitter if he or she was a sex offender or would you hire someone to be a business partner that would steal your business secrets. Be safe and run a criminal background check today. This service is available in all 50 states, nationwide, as well at the county level. See below for more information..

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The Maine statewide search and the county level search will provide the same information such as: Subjects that have been apprehended, taken into custody or detention, arrested, held for investigation, or charged with or indicted for a felony, misdemeanor or other offense by law enforcement agencies. The only difference is the areas you are searching. For example if a person was arrested for bad checks, or operating without a license this may be held at the county level. Larger offences such as murder, rape, and felonies will be found at the state level. We recommend that you check both the county, and state levels to be 100% sure. We have a advanced service that will allow you to locate criminal records by county, state and in a metro area. See our advanced criminal check for more information if you wish to search both the county and state levels.

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Maine Crime Statistics for 2005

With a total population of 1,321,505, Maine had a total crime index of 33,400 or 1 crime for every 39,57 people.

Of which 4.44% (1,483) were of a violent nature while 95.48% (31,889) were crimes against property.

Violent Crimes
Murders 19
Forced Rape 326
Robbery 323
Aggravated Assault 815
Crimes Against Property
Burglary 6,323
Larceny & Theft 24,218
Vehicle Theft 1,348

Crime Rank
based on number of crimes per capita
Safety Rank
based on number of violent crimes per capita
*States are ranked from #1 (best) to #51 (worst) for each of the 50 states, including District of Columbia.

If you are looking to run a criminal search in the state of Maine then please order now. If you wish to find criminal records in another state then please select that state below.



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