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Welcome to People Finders US!  

 Welcome to the largest online people finder company!

We have been helping people like you obtain records to make smart decisions, and in locating missing people. Whether you need to find a person or to obtain records for someone we can help you. We have been in the people finder business for over 12 years now with alot of great success.

 We are sure that we can help you find that long lost missing person, or to check a background on a potential business client, or check that new tenant. The list goes on we simply can find information for you. If you lost contact with someone and you only have a name, old address or location we can find them for you. We can find anyone nationwide just with as little information as a name. Our People Finder services are among the best available. If you do not believe us give our no find no fee "people finder" service a try. This is simple you order and if we are not able to find useful information you do not pay! This is why we offer this people finder service with a no risk offer as we are so sure we will be able to locate useable information.

 We are able to find people with little information as a name. Using advanced databases which are not available to the general public, and public records we can find a person anywhere in the nation. If you need a background check, or other service and you do not know the subjects location this is not a problem. We offer background check services to you as long as you know the subjects name, and a possible location. The location could be a old address, old city, state of last known residence, or a zip code. We are able to lookup old records and turn them into new records even if the location is over 20 years old.

 We offer many types of services such as our people finder which allows you to enter as little information as a first and last name. We will then locate that missing person and provide you with the subjects new information such as a current address, telephone, and much more. If you need a background check service and do not know the subjects location we can help using the same above steps. We simply find people first then we can continue with a full background check if you need to obtain these background records and information we provide our background check try it today.

 Many people ask questions such as "are you sure you can find a person for me" we are so sure that most of our people finders come with a no find no fee. If we can not locate records, or information then you get a full refund. Our People Finders come with a no find no fee guarantee. The background check services we offer come with a guarantee as well.

 Give us a try today we are sure we will be able to help you find that missing person, or locate a cell phone, or even with that hard to find lost person. We offer a range of many types of people finder services, as well as background checks, telephone records, asset searches, and much more. Give us a try today and we are sure you will be happy. We also recommend that you try people search which is a great company to help find people.

 We can provide you with the best information you can get. We provide online records and offline records. You may need to wait for these results, but you will get the best information you can find. Some searches are not available online but must be ordered by telephone or by fax as federal and state laws permit. We have provided you with this information when you order an offline search. The results of these people search services will be delivered by U.S. mail. Rest assured you will be notified before you order these types of people finder searches. People Finders has been in business for over 12 years now and we have been providing people search services to customers like you. We hope that we will be able to serve you like we have to many customers in the past!








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